Equine Assisted Personal Development

Why Horses

Horses have been used in physical and emotional therapy since ancient Greek times.  Horses are herd animals, therefore are incredibly sensitive to change in their environment such as change in blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and body language. This allows them to provide immediate feedback and insight into our lives

Our Treatment Focus

At Equine Guided Learning, clients work with both a mental health profesional and a horse, using a variety of exercises and tasks to influence change, growth and wellbeing

Our Therapy

Mental Health & Well-being

Depression, fear, PTSD and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable and debilitating  emotions and injuries that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through equine assisted learning we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 



Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are held with each partner and is a supportive place to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen your relationship.     

Life Skill Development

No matter what age, sometimes we come to a crossroad in our lives or perhaps have a goal of individual personal growth. It plays an integral part of the success, happiness and harmony we desire to have

Services offered by Equine Guided Learning

Individual Counselling or Coaching


For mental health and emotional wellness 

Family Counselling


Increase effective communication and connection with relationships

Personal and Profesional Development


Discover what's holding you back from what you want to achieve

Meet the herd


Sheri Hiebert RPN, BSc.PN, EAL Facilitator

Sheri is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and has worked in the field of mental health for over 15 years. She is also a trained Equine Personal Development Facilitator. She has a true passion of  having a horse as her partner when working with indviduals and being able to walk along side that person in their journey.  Sheri is a licensed mental health professional and is listed as a service provider with  various health benefit providers



Blu is a 10 year old registered Blu Roan Quarter horse, his personality is fun and he enjoys working with clients in this setting.  He is subtle in his feedback and yet can demonstrate incredible insight and feedback to a client.


El Donko

Donko is a 9 year old quarter horse, he is steady and stable within the herd.  Donko can provide persistant feedback to a client and situation, he as well takes his role seriously.



Legend is a 15 year old Canadian Horse, Canada's first horse breed and one of less than 2500 world wide.  At over 2300 pounds,Legend is the largest horse in the herd and is the true meaning of Power and Gentleness.



Caddie, the herd leader and enforcer ensures harmony, stability, sustainability and fairness in the Higher Trails herd.  Caddie is also the inspiration for the book I Am Cadillac: Life Lessons from a Horse by author Ross A MacInnes



Tundra is one of our mares on the ranch who is peaceful  and contriutes to the harmony of the heard. When a human spends quality time with her she will give her heart and is an excellent partner. She has a soft sensitive personality which makes her an excellent therapy horse.


Badger is the newest member to join the Higher Trails herd, before arriving his fate was very grim as he had sustained injuries including paralysis on the right side of his head. He has already been involved in EAL and his ability to provide insight and comfort was brilliant. His future is very bright at Higher Trails and his emotional and Physical pain has already begun to heal

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Our services are covered by various health benefit providers.  Let us work with you and your provider to identify what will meet your needs. 

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Equine Guided Learning

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